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Volunteer at the Habitat ReStore

Volunteering at the Habitat ReStore is a great way to support the Habitat mission and give back to the community.  Our Habitat Restore is growing and we need volunteers every bit as much as we need our donors and shoppers. We strive to keep operating costs as low as possible to maximize the amount of money that goes directly to benefit the community, and volunteers are one of the ways to achieve this. Volunteers also help ensure the Habitat ReStore is a great experience for donors and shoppers.

Volunteer opportunities include:

Take cash and credit card payments for purchased merchandise. Operate the point of sale system. Perform opening or closing procedures involving cash at the beginning and end of a shift.

Evaluate incoming donations for suitability and sale-ability. Determine the appropriate department in which to display the item and assign the initial floor price. Move the item to appropriate sales floor display.

Assist delivery drivers and donors in unloading donations off the delivery truck.

Create promotional materials and uncover promotional opportunities to reach both donors and customers. Design store merchandise displays and store signage.

Assist our IT Team in maintaining any one or all of the business automation applications used by the ReStore.

Work at the front desk answering customer questions about prices, policies and store layout.

Assist with the restocking and/or rearrangement of merchandise displays. Perform cleanup of donated items and help package items for display; assist Pricer/Sorters; assist customers.

Assist the ReStore driver in picking up donated furniture and delivering them to the ReStore retail location.

Perform general maintenance of the ReStore facility to assure the smooth operation of the store and a favorable customer experience. Design, build, repair or modify display fixtures to be used on the sales floor. Assess and repair donated items.

Assist with administrative functions. Prepare mailings, reports or other duties typical in a busy office environment.

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